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N.R.O fusion

Healthy water without compromises

With the N.R.O. fusion water filtration system you will enter a new world of water filtration.

The concept is based on the a patented membrane that filters the inlet water at a level that is in between Nano filtration and Reverse Osmoses resulting in healthy and good tasting water.

Taking this innovating technology we were able to create a compact, low pressure system, which depending on the inlet water will not exceed a pressure of 15,4 bar.


Interesting information

  • Power supply: 230V/ 50-60Hz 180 Watt or in 24DC
  • Solar panel connection.
  • N.R.O filter by normal use up to 1200 TDS inlet water is 36 months
  • Easy to install "Plug & Play"
  • Made in Holland

Technical Highlights

The system contains manometers for visual pressure control. The cabinet is made out of Stainless steel. All internal piping is made from a High quality PVC-U. All connections are dismountable. Filter is easy to replace. Automatic warning when filter is almost at the end of the lifecycle. The system is very robust.